The RVSB® is the ultimate RV runflat, it is a tire inside the tire that helps RV drivers to control their vehicles after a tire blowout and provide driving conditions to reach a safe place up to 25 miles from the initial deflation.
There is NO need to deal with a tire failure at the site of the blowout or where the tire got fully deflated.
The recipe for a greater chance of success after an RV tire failure relies in two elements: 
  • Driving skills on emergency situations, and
  • Equipment.
If you have training in emergency maneuvers with large vehicles and the right equipment your probability is high, but if you an occasional driver of RV, and it is considerable bigger than your daily vehicle you should compensate with systems, aids, equipment and accessories that minimize catastrophic consequences and gives you a certain level of autonomy after the failure.    
The RVSB® is the ultimate RV runflat, technically speaking, is an elastomer runflat insert made of the same base material of RV tires. It is fitted to rim with a specific torque and ready to use when you need it the most, for control and miles to reach a safe place.


Wheel compatibility: Fits the most popular Class A motorcoach aluminum wheels (Alcoa & Accuride).
Compound material: High grade natural and synthetic rubber. The same is used in high performance automotive tires.
Locking Mechanism: Dual steel micro-fusion ratchet-type locks
Fitting: Built in 360° steel cable circuity at 116 Lbf ft torque
Max Load:10,500Lbs per wheel
Max Speed: up to 90 MPH 
0 PSI average performance: 25 mi @ 25 mph
Warranty: 5 years limited warranty

Installation and uninstallation

The RV SAFATY BAND device is so simple that it requires no special tools. Installation is possible with just a ratchet, socket and screwdriver, which can be done at any tire or mechanic shop.
At FLATS OVER™ we continually invest in research and development. We are regularly improving our products, primarily from feedback from drivers of civilian, military, police and armored vehicles, as well as trucks around the world.
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